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Dormbox stores your belongings in secure, state-of-the-art warehouses. We leverage technology to accurately inventory and optimize your storage space.

Dormbox will pick up items and transport them to a Dormbox storage warehouse. Boxes should be labeled in advance by writing your name, Client id, and phone number on at least two sides of the box. If you are storing something besides a box, please write your name on one of or stickers to be placed on your item.
Certain types of items can never be stored with Dormbox. See information about prohibited items here.

Dormbox will return your belongings directly back to the location of your choice. The items must be returned to the same University from where they were picked up. If you move to a different dorm or now live in off-campus housing please include the full address of your new residence.

Dormbox provides all the packing materials needed for a successful transition into storage. This includes boxes, tape, bubble wrap and two personal movers for every student. Packing materials are available in our online store.

Security and policies

Prohibited Items and Conditions
Dormbox cannot store the following:

Liquids of any kind (including cosmetics and toiletries)
Food or Perishables
Illegal/controlled substances of any kind
Hazardous materials (i.e. anything containing gas, anything combustible/flammable, firearms, explosives, used tires, chemicals, radioactive/biological/toxic materials, anything containing asbestos)
Living things (e.g. house plants, fish, or animals)
Grand Pianos
Upright Pianos if stairs are present
Pool Tables
Any items that emit smells or fumes.
For the security of our team and facilities, Dormbox may leave any job site with unsafe or unsanitary conditions or notices of eviction or foreclosure.

Yes! We are happy to store household appliances including refrigerators, washers, dryers and dishwashers. Be sure to unplug, drain, and dry out any appliances at least 24 hours before your Dormbox pickup. All items also must be completely unhooked and unplugged from the wall.

Yes! We are happy to store your furniture.
We will take your couch, dining table, or queen mattress. There is a $17 fee for items over 50 lbs and items exceeding 5 ft in any length or width.
Smaller furniture items that are less than 50 lbs. will not incur any extra fees. These include lamps, folded up mattress toppers, posters and pictures in large frames, XXL boxes, bikes and storage chest. Our movers are very friendly and will work with you. If you have an item that is bigger than five feet but only weighs very little you should email us ahead of time to let us know, we will make sure you aren’t charged an extra fee. Billing

Yes. we are able to pick up/deliver your items to any residence that is within a 15-mile radius from your college campus.There is no additional charge as long as you schedule your pick up/delivery on one of the dates we feature, free of charge.

Yes. We recommend getting registered and selecting the date you would like the pickup completed on. Once you have registered, please send a text to our emergency support line at (562) 265-8992 or call (SUPPORT PHONE NUMBER) to alert our team of the date you need (if unable to select in your account) and we will have your request reviewed as quickly as possible, to see if we can accommodate your needs. You should expect an answer within 24 hours. There is NO RISK to try, the deposit payment is 100% refundable if we cannot work with your schedule in this situation.

This is common as most students will figure out what they are actually going to store as they begin the packing process. Moving specialist take an inventory of what you are actually storing at the time of pick-up, and your monthly bill will be calculated based on those items stored with us on move out day.

Yes. You can order packing materials from us during and after the signup process. You can purchase labels, Moving Boxes (17x17x22), moving tape, bubble wrap, and Markers to label your boxes


After storing your items with Dormbox, they will be brought directly to your on or off campus room. Door to Door storage. For packing material delivery, each college campus and dorm building has its own policy on where packages are processed. Most often, the supplies will be delivered to the student mailroom; however, for some campuses, the delivery location can be the lobby of your dorm. We highly recommend you check with your campus mailroom to find out what the package delivery policy is for your campus. If you live in a residence off campus, check with your management/leasing office to find out their policy.

Dormbox charges a deposit only for the reservation. This initial fee will go towards your monthly payments. If you choose our $85 a month plan and pay $85 when registering, your first month will be paid for.


The first month of storage is charged to the card on file in the form of a deposit shortly after you register. Billing is automatic so you don’t have to worry about it. The day of your pickup will become your monthly bill date. Your Dormbox subscription is processed automatically on your bill date using the default payment method on file. You can change your form of billing by logging on and changing the billing information.

Should we fail to capture your payment, our auto bill system will attempt your default payment method 3 additional times.

For example, if your bill date is the 1st of each month, you will be charge on the first of the month for the following two, three or four months(depending on how long your summer break is). If we are unable to capture the payment, our automatic system moves onto your next month and you would need to log online or call us to manually process your outstanding balance.

You can update your payment info and edit your account details by logging into your Dormbox account anytime! Be sure to make the new card the default for automatic payments.

Payments that are 30 days past-due incur a $35 late fee along with 15% of your monthly payment.

Yes! Dormbox is compliant with all state required valuation coverage. If you would like to declare a value for your items being moved, you can do so at the time of pickup using your Move & Pack Specialist's iOS app when signing for the order. Simply tap the option In-Truck Protection, select the type of shipment coverage you would like to purchase and then declare the value of the items being picked up. Declaring a value for your items provides additional coverage for your items while in transit to a destination. As required by state regulations, there is a charge associated with declaring a value for your items. A free option is available and that coverage varies state-by-state.

Note that In-Truck Protection only covers your items while on the road. Our Dormbox Protection Plan covers your items while in storage, this is included automatically so don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Dormbox is committed to the security and safety of your stored items. Security starts with our excellent team. All of our Moving Specialists are seasoned moving professionals who’ve undergone extensive background checks and screenings. This means that the people in charge of your items are careful and methodical when loading, transporting, and storing your items.

Our storage facilities are monitored with motion-sensor cameras 24/7 and are closed to the public; only authorized personnel are allowed inside. When Dormbox picks up the items you are storing, we take our own pictures so that we have a record of what was stored and to verify that every item you store with us is delivered safely. At the time of their first pickup, customers may choose to purchase a $1000 or $2500 protection plan or stick with the coverage provided by our Limited Security Warranty Policy.

Dormbox is only responsible for items packed in front of or visibly inspected by our Moving Specialists. Please review our Limited Security Warranty Policy and Terms of Service for detailed information about how we safeguard your treasured possessions.

Yes. Dormbox stores your items in secured commercial warehouses. These warehouses are closed to the public and only authorized personnel are allowed near stored items.

The safety and security of your items is our top priority. That’s why our Moving Specialists ensure that everything is photographed and packed properly before leaving your dorm room and loaded onto the truck. Dormbox also provides each customer with a Limited Security Warranty Policy.

Dormbox is not responsible for items that are not visually inspected by the Dormbox team. Please review our Limited Security Warranty Policy and Terms of Use for detailed information about how we safeguard your treasured possessions. With that said… If your items have been damaged by us, we will fix it, 100% guarantee. Hard proof like video is not required to know when your items have been damaged by us. We are committed to serving you.

Yes. We offer a $1000 Max. Protection Plan for an additional $15 per month and a $2500 Max. Protection Plan for an additional $25 per month. These plans are only available for purchase before your first pickup appointment. Contact Customer Care to sign-up.

Most things, but not everything. There are certain items that are excluded from Dormbox coverage due to their fragile nature. You are still permitted to store the items listed below, but they are not covered by our Limited Security Warranty Policy.

-Composite wood, particle board, or ready-to-assemble furniture
-Missing hardware for items, so things like screws or small parts
-Internal workings of all electronics
-Previously damaged or repaired items
-Items not visually inspected by Dormbox

We work with a credit card processor that has been certified as PCI Service Provider Level 1. We do not store your credit card information outside of our card processing Platform

General Questions

Yes! Our Customer Care team is available to assist 7 days a week. Simply reach out here: Contact Customer Care

6AM - 6PM Mon - Fri PT
6AM - 5PM Sat - Sun PT

Dormbox can provide shipping services for boxes and small items. For larger items we can help facilitate a big move with the shipping company you choose. Contact Customer Care to find out how we can help.

Dormbox is a full-service storage company that manages the pickup, storage, and retrieval of your extra stuff. Dormbox comes to you so that you never have to deal with the frustration and inconvenience of using a self-storage facility again. Dormbox arrives at your location with a vehicle and a team of movers to pick up and inventory your items from the comfort of your dorm room, you only need to pack, no lifting required. We photograph each item being stored and transport them to our secure storage facility.

Simply log in to your Dormbox account, select what you need, and schedule a pick up. We’ll bring your items back to your new or same dorm at the beginning of the next semester, before classes start.

No. All Dormbox storage contracts are for the entire summer vacation until students are able to move back into the university’s student on or off campus housing.

For customers signing up for Dormbox today, initial pickup and final delivery are free. To ensure that all customers have access to convenient appointment times, we ask that you take steps to limit the frequency of your appointments, including combining appointments when possible, and booking no more than one appointment at a time. Work with your roomates and see if you can use the same service and schedule your times as close to each other as possible so that your things can be grabbed by the same team all at one time.

In order to continue offering free appointments to all of our customers, we will occasionally take steps to limit free appointment frequency for customers with high usage. If we identify that your appointment activity is consistent with high usage, we reserve the right to limit your free appointments. Additional paid appointments can always be booked after reaching your limit, so that you always have convenient access to your items.

We offer a very easy and accessible solution for storage during the summer months for college students. There is no lifting required on your end. All you have to do is place your order, pack your boxes and bags and we will come into your dorm room and put your items into storage for the summer, and bring them back to your new dorm room when the summer is over. With traditional self-storage units, security is not guaranteed, and you have to do all the work. It’s up to you to pack, organize, rent a truck or borrow a car from a friend, find a storage unit that is the best price and get your belongings there. So, unless you have a system, it’s really easy to over pay to get your things stored for the summer. Not to mention that all this is happening during the very last week of the semester.

Dormbox offers better security than self-storage, all plans are backed up by a Limited Security Warranty Policy. We also offer $1000 and $2500 protection plans for a low monthly rate at the time you book your first pick-up. Not only does Dormbox provide secure storage for your items, Dormbox makes storage easy by doing all the lifting, driving, labor and thinking for you. Just pack your box and we will take care of the rest.

No. However, a simple online search will identify donation and disposal services that will pick up your items right from your doorstep!

No. The Dormbox Moving specialist assigned to you will do all the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. For your safety and the safety of your items, you are not able to assist with moving items.

Tipping is definitely encouraged and welcomed but not required. If our team did a great job, show them some love on Google, Yelp!, or on www.BBB.org

No. Dormbox can only move items that are going in to or out of storage.

Dormbox serves the entire United States of America, Mexico and Canada.

If you won’t be present for your appointment, you can authorize someone else like a friend, roomate or parent to sign on your behalf. Just notify us at the time of booking or Contact Customer Care.

Yes. We can deliver your storage right into your new room assignment prior to your return.

No. Due to the security measures implemented, we keep our facilities inaccessible to customers and the general public.