Storage made easy. Starting at $9.99/month.



Get your items home for the summer, only $19.99* per item.

Packing Service

Packing Service

Have a Dormbox Moving Specialist do all the work. Starting at $87/h.

Packing Supplies

Packing Supplies

Dormbox is a one stop shop for all your packing, moving, and storage needs. Starting at $7.50.


Use our calculator to figure out your storage costs.

Small - $9.99

What is a small item?

A Small is often an item such as a folding chair, poster frame, hand vacuum, printer, lamp or backpack.

15lbs, 16x16x21inch maximum
Large - $23.99

What is a large item?

A large is often an item such as a mini-fridge, shelf, chair, clothing rack, Television, or tiered drawers.

40lbs, 20x20x24inch maximum
Medium - $17

What is a medium item?

A medium is often an item such as a suitcase, storage drawers, microwave, duffel bag, ottoman or one of our standard boxes.

35lbs, 17x17x22inch maximum
XL - $32.99

What is an XL item?

An XL item is often an item such as a mattress, desk, dresser, shelf, furniture or an overweight item.

50lbs, 20x20x24in or more.
Maximum: 24x24x24inch , 65lbs


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